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I like the mood smiley, cause it looks like he's getting penetrated unexpectedly. :) Mwhaha.

Anyways. Hmm... What's new? Getting back into producing. Or I suppose properly into it in the first place.
Hopefully things we'll be comming more regularly. Seeing as I have a total of 3 comments across all my posts, looks like I have a wide fanbase eagerly awaiting my music. x)Sarcasm aside, I am definitely feeling excited about moving forward musically.

On a side note, seeing as I don't actually DJ (yet anyway), i was figuring I ought to find myself a proper artist tag.

So far I had the ideas Starman Jr (cause earthbound was rad) and Bit Jumper (... not sure why, it just sounded cool) ... And pimp squad.. not sure how long that one will remain on the list...
If you guys got any cool names throw 'em at me!
Or save 'em and get famous yourself, Zkillex.. >.<

Anyways, as always I appreciate feedback on my music and what not, even if your just bashing me to death -_-. If you got anything you want me to lend an ear to, just leave me a note in a review and I'll give it a listen.


Quality vs Quantity

2011-02-05 06:02:45 by DjRin

One of my professors told me a story the other day about a book he'd read. In this book the author (who was a professor too I think?) taught a ceramics class, and one quarter he divided the class in half and said: one half will be graded on the quality of one piece of art, the other half will be graded on the quanity of cermaics you produce.

Basically the best pieces were in the quantity group due to a mixture of a)quantity group having less pressure on them to make one good piece that defined their grade, b) they got more practice making ceramics because they made so many, and c) just due to statistical laws if you throw a bunch of random pots some of them will turn out awesome. at least relative to the mean of the whole bunch :).

But this brings me to my question..
Should I just commit to a schedule of submissions, even if I come up with crap most of the time? It sounds like a good idea to me... But what does anyone else think!

My first work featured in a flash!

2010-10-18 04:19:59 by DjRin

=D Hooray! My latest submission (Midnight Lights = /369919 ) has been put into a slideshow, making it my first work to be featured in a flash!

Oddly enough, it was a hentai digimon slideshow? = / beggars can't be choosers right?

=] Hopefully, more to come! (Songs in flashes/games, not so much hentai digimon... unless you're into that sorta thing, which is cool :) i don't hate!! )

Hey everyone

2009-02-27 02:34:30 by DjRin

I'm Rin.
Call me DJ Rin, Duckman, Drucky, Duck masta D if ya really feel like it. but mostly, rin works.

I been fruity looping since.. hell probably 6th grade? taking advantage of my brothers copy haha.
recently i've had to resort to using a demo of FL8 so I can't save my loops sadly (or clone channels i believe, which is only moderately annoying haha) but I get by alright.

My band ( ) was a joint project formed by me and my friend brett, I believe in 8th grade? I made a beat, he wanted to make a song about chuck norris, and we were started. Unfortunately, our recording equipment sucked so the vox were pretty lame and we didn't throw that track on our first CD, but we did release our first album (Ducky See Ducky Do) some time in 2007 I believe? or 2008. Prooly 08. Anyways it was for free, just needed to get the name out. We just released our second CD on Jan 12, 08, entitled "2" and now we're slowly workin up enough tracks for a third album before schools out.

I do most of the musical work, brett is mostly feedback and a good source of perspective. I've playn guitar for 4 years, self taught, drums for 5 or 6 years, been tryin to pick up the piano in my spare time and am pretty interested in music theory. unique chord progressions = my love :) i love finding new ones. and just creating a piece of music in general, there's some part of you that comes out when you create music you can't really get out any other way. ... Ok hell maybe that was just some sappy line I hope someone will quote. Who cares right?

Anyways, I'll be throwing up 2 songs a day till I get all our shit up, and then you'll get 'em fresh off the synthetic grill of sound as fast as I can make em.

Hello again newgrounds, hope to hear from you soon. Feedback on my music is awesomely appriciated, tell me you love it or tell me to jump in a fire, either way. Ideas criticism constructive.. if you really feel like you gotta bash me go ahead but :( ill be sad.

Take it easy ;)