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Entry #4

Let there be BASS... and treble, and stuff.

2011-09-14 20:20:29 by DjRin

I like the mood smiley, cause it looks like he's getting penetrated unexpectedly. :) Mwhaha.

Anyways. Hmm... What's new? Getting back into producing. Or I suppose properly into it in the first place.
Hopefully things we'll be comming more regularly. Seeing as I have a total of 3 comments across all my posts, looks like I have a wide fanbase eagerly awaiting my music. x)Sarcasm aside, I am definitely feeling excited about moving forward musically.

On a side note, seeing as I don't actually DJ (yet anyway), i was figuring I ought to find myself a proper artist tag.

So far I had the ideas Starman Jr (cause earthbound was rad) and Bit Jumper (... not sure why, it just sounded cool) ... And pimp squad.. not sure how long that one will remain on the list...
If you guys got any cool names throw 'em at me!
Or save 'em and get famous yourself, Zkillex.. >.<

Anyways, as always I appreciate feedback on my music and what not, even if your just bashing me to death -_-. If you got anything you want me to lend an ear to, just leave me a note in a review and I'll give it a listen.



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2012-08-16 09:08:29

Lil'bit of bass lil'bit of drum.