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My first work featured in a flash!

2010-10-18 04:19:59 by DjRin

=D Hooray! My latest submission (Midnight Lights = /369919 ) has been put into a slideshow, making it my first work to be featured in a flash!

Oddly enough, it was a hentai digimon slideshow? = / beggars can't be choosers right?

=] Hopefully, more to come! (Songs in flashes/games, not so much hentai digimon... unless you're into that sorta thing, which is cool :) i don't hate!! )


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2010-10-18 14:04:17



2010-11-30 05:45:10

I love how your submissions get featured in weird hentai galleries, LOL.

Pretty funny, IMO. I suppose give it time and it will find it's way into higher quality...erm...flashes of a higher moral standard :D

Keep up the good work dude.

DjRin responds:

Snap man, thank you :) they will find there way to... different places I'm sure. One of them popped up on youtube already