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Quality vs Quantity

2011-02-05 06:02:45 by DjRin

One of my professors told me a story the other day about a book he'd read. In this book the author (who was a professor too I think?) taught a ceramics class, and one quarter he divided the class in half and said: one half will be graded on the quality of one piece of art, the other half will be graded on the quanity of cermaics you produce.

Basically the best pieces were in the quantity group due to a mixture of a)quantity group having less pressure on them to make one good piece that defined their grade, b) they got more practice making ceramics because they made so many, and c) just due to statistical laws if you throw a bunch of random pots some of them will turn out awesome. at least relative to the mean of the whole bunch :).

But this brings me to my question..
Should I just commit to a schedule of submissions, even if I come up with crap most of the time? It sounds like a good idea to me... But what does anyone else think!


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2011-09-13 00:37:56

You'll be lucky to find one person that even remotely gives a shit about what you are doing. And even then, that person will like you for different reasons. Make stuff because you have to.

DjRin responds:

Yeah man. You gotta hit that level where your music turns heads, otherwise everyone just thinks of you as the music guy and they'll listen to be nice but that's it.

-_- getting there is the hard part. Gah frustrating thing is it sounds so simple but is so difficult to execute. But hey, dream big or go home right? :D